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Cognitive Capability & the Ageing Brain


Staff, students and scientific collaborators at the 'Cognitive Capability and the Ageing Brain' stall were happy for the opportunity to discuss their work on this research programme with study members; demonstrate a 3-D computer display of a real brain, developed by colleagues at the UCL Institute of Neurology; and give study members the chance to have a go at a novel computer-based cognitive test.  In addition:

  • One poster presented an overview of Insight 46, the NSHD neuroimaging sub-study.  This and the brain display mentioned above generated considerable interest in this sub-study.
  • A second poster highlighted work on cognitive function in relation to healthy dietary choice, something that we can all relate to.
  • A third poster was also policy-relevant, summarised work in progress on associations between long-term non-employment and cognitive function, and possible pathways explaining this association. 
  • The final poster provides information about how the NSHD will help us understand many neurological diseases.

Click on the posters to see a larger version.

Cog Cap Insight 46 poster for 70th final.jpg

Dorina Cadar QQR lifestyle cognition poster2 Dorina Cadar.jpg

 Cog Cap Sizer poster for 70th final.jpg 

 NSharma_AgeingBrain_RC final_redac.jpg